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Deyaar Group

A real estate wide-ranged company Specialized in real estate consultancy and  real estate brokerage in many different arrangements and contracts with most main construction companies in the Turkish market, with extended experience in real estate sector for 6 years, we were and we will keep offering the best support for our client in the real estate’ sector and the following and attached portfolio,  with endless transparency and high efficiency with our  proficient multi-languages team, whom able to connect with clients from all over the world

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Years of Experience


Real estate project





Our vision is to become the first trustable destination for the Arabian investors with continually expand our horizons and business as well international levels and to become on the top of the most reliable real estate companies’list. And also create a carefully studied and composed portfolio of real estate investments, that has the highest standers of qualities which reflects the values of our company and protects the wealth of our customers

Through our mission we are DEYAAR GROUP working on serving the highest standers of qualities for our clients, starting from giving you a ride from the airport, until delivering your property

After-sale services

our mission is involved to be fully present to help you to select the right property and to give the support after the sale is done as well, and even more, we as a trustworthy partners can finish the process even the client is not present during the sale, such as finish the legal and finical issues online, because the DEYAAR GROUP’s mission is to do whatever it takes to get your trust and satisfaction

The Turkish citizenship

We guaranty you to obtain the Turkish citizenship after selecting the right property that suits and fits the citizenship’s rules and conditions and finish the procedure that follows the selling process, such as working on the governmental work papers by connecting with reliable lawers and dealing with the Financial issues that linked with the citizenship application, and deliver it to and for your family and get you smile back, because we as DEYAAR GROUPS care the most about your happiness.

The real estate investment

We are as DEYAAR GROUP working on declaring every single important detail that matter for the client to make a profitable and successful investment, and demonstrate the right steps that the client must follow to by make a tour and go straight to the accurate projects has the main features and bases that make it profitable and successful next investment for our clients.

The real estate legal services

We are as DEYAAR GROUP fully aware that it is not easy to buy and do the legal issues that follow purchasing process in a foreigner country the client might be ignorant about and also might face the Turkish language gap, so we are committed to finishing the legal issue by connecting with reliable lawyers to consider your job done in Turkey

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