Deyaar Group Legal Services in Turkey

Deyaar Group Legal Services in Turkey

Legal services from Deyaar Group are provided by a group of lawyers, consultants and legal experts affiliated with Deyaar Group Company, whose goal is to answer all your legal inquiries regarding the purchase and investment of real estate property in Turkey.

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer When Buying Real Estate?

It is useful for a Turkish lawyer, an expert in real estate and investment affairs, to follow up on your procedures when you start buying a property in Turkey, as it is a foreign country for you and has its own laws.

That is why the role of the lawyer is essential because he will help you check the property purchase contract written in the Turkish language, know its terms and details to avoid the possibility of any harmful legal loophole, as well as check your papers and sign them on your behalf in your absence.

All you have to do is make sure that you write all the powers that you want to grant to the lawyer assigned by you in the agency paper that the notary will ratify in Turkey (the Notary), and these powers usually include the bank transaction, real estate registry transactions, and others.

We at Deyaar Group are pleased to provide you with highly qualified and experienced lawyers and legal advisors, to assist you in completing all ownership matters smoothly and reliably.

Wills and Property Inheritance Services in Turkey

Turkey has legitimized the inheritance of real estate owned by foreigners, so it is recommended to prepare a will in Turkey, or your country, with attestation from the Turkish Consulate in your place of residence.

After the lawyer translates the will that you write in your country, he works to ratify it by the notary in Turkey, so that it becomes a valid document in Turkey that protects you from legal problems regarding inheritance and its limitation.

Turkish Citizenship Service after Buying a Property

After you have purchased real estate worth more than 250.000 dollars, the lawyer of Deyaar Group will follow up all the necessary procedures to submit your Turkish citizenship file for you and your families, to the competent authorities.

The lawyer will make sure to provide you with all the documents required from your country, and our legal team will translate and certify them duly.

As well as preparing all the necessary documents here in Turkey, such as the real estate appraisal report from an accredited institution, the conformity document, bank receipts and others.

In this way, you guarantee quick procedures within 90 days, after which you receive Turkish ID cards and Turkish passports with ease and ease.

Other Legal Services when Buying Real Estate in Turkey

In addition to the above-mentioned services related to buying a property in Turkey, we at Deyaar Group offer other services to foreign investors wishing to invest in Turkey, and for this we are pleased to share with you the legal services of the Deyaar Group, which can be classified as follows:

  • Providing public legal advice.
  • Statement of the legal status of the property in the Land Registry Department.
  • Writing and organizing the purchase contract related to real estate and construction.
  • Legal tracking of any real estate disputes.
  • Providing legal advice on Turkish companies.
  • Establishing a company in Turkey when needed before owning real estate, such as the case of holders of Syrian citizenship, for example.
  • Providing consultations to be able to open branches of foreign companies inside Turkey.
  • Organizing the understandings and contracts between the stake holders.
  • Providing appropriate legal solutions for institutions and companies.
  • Taxes and insurances.
  • Inventory of inheritance and will.

If you would like to obtain a sample agency contract, or if you have any questions regarding this contract, you can contact Deyaar Group Consultants, who will be happy to answer all your inquiries with transparency and clarity.

Important Legal Points when Buying Real Estate in Turkey

  • In some areas, the lawyer must ensure that the real estate seller reviews the relevant departments, in order to obtain the required military approval from foreigners when they buy real estate in Turkey.
  • When paying for the property, the lawyer will be the trusted third party that preserves the rights of both parties.
  • Hiring a Turkish lawyer will save you time and extra costs, as well as keep you safe.
  • The lawyer will complete all necessary legal procedures that accompany the process of handing over the property.
  • The lawyer will meet with the legal authorities responsible to solve any problems facing your property.
  • The lawyer appointed by you will provide all legal advice related to your real estate unit.
  • You can work for the agency in one of the Turkish notary departments, but if you are outside Turkey, the power of attorney is granted through the Turkish consulates in your country.
  • Assigning a lawyer relieves you of the burden of frequent travel, and relieves you of the difficulty of staying in Turkey for a week or a month, waiting for the completion of buying and selling transactions.
  • The power of attorney does not give the lawyer any right to sell or buy the property, but only gives him the authority to carry out all legal procedures on your behalf.


You may contact us at anytime in order to provide you the best services regarding real estate investment in Turkey, or even after you purchase a property.


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