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Increase the rate of foreign investment in Turkish real estate market

Increase the rate of foreign investment in Turkish real estate market

Increase the rate of foreign investment in Turkish real estate market:

The percentage of investments in 2019 in Turkish real estate’ market whose sales recorded by the Turkish Statistics Department increased to an increase of 68.9%as a percentage that compared to real estate investments during the past year after the Turkish government provided a lot of legal facilities around real estate in terms of the conformity and Dynamicity of procedures and the short period that is Completion of transactions in it for up to 45 days to obtain Turkish citizenship after that.


According to the statement of the Central, Turkish Statistics Department indicated that the number of properties sold was approximately 19 thousand and 952 properties during the first six months of 2019, and Istanbul was on the top of list for Turkish cities in the number of properties sold to foreign investors, while Antalya ranked the second with 668 properties were sold, followed by Ankara With an investment that reached 134 properties, Yalova has 123 properties, and 122 properties were sold on Bursa. Finally, among the most invested in real estate was Trabzon with 111 properties.


In the same context, Iraqi’s maintains the first rank among the most foreigners who invest in real estate at the level of Turkey, bringing the number of properties invested by the Iraqis so far to approximately 3337 real estates, while Iranian came at the second rank with 2202 real estate, and Russian as the third in row with 1264 real estate, then the Saudis in Fourth place with 1094 properties, and Afghans in 5th place with 987 properties.


It is mentioned that Turkey has ranked 17th in the world in the economy, while it ranked sixth in the European Economic Group, and its GDP(Its gross domestic product) exceeds the equivalent of 785 billion dollars, after activating several measures that facilitate foreign investment transactions in real estate, which made the percentage Representing real estate investment from the Turkish economy reaches about 19.5%, which helped it in facing the economic and political crises that have suffered from some of them during the past period.

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