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The investment properties are the main core reason to obtain citizenship:

The investment properties are the main core reason to obtain citizenship:

The citizenship in exchange launching your next investment in Turkey, the Turkish government created the new law for investors to be able to obtain the Turkish citizenship, meanwhile to attract investors to build new footprint for them into Turkey basing on buying properties weather for housing or investment with low cost comparing the last years, and in advance to give the advantages and privileges of getting the Turkish citizenship that allows to get full access over  72 worldwide countries without any need to get the visa for those countries, such as Japan and South Korea, Indonesia, Qatar.. etc., and also over 42 countries to access with direct visa that be obtained in the airport, such as Kuwait and Bahrain, South Africa and many other, and more than 7 countries that you can get their visas online such as Australia and Oman .. etc., with it also takes into account that the Turkish passport is 39 ranked worldwide.

About the conditions that allows for investors to obtain the Turkish citizenship is assimilate as follow: first to buy one or more than properties with 250.000 $ and to do not make resell before three years in row from the date of issue the Title deed of the properties,  the second condition that eligible you to get the citizenship is to After the requirement to obtain Turkish citizenship was a purchase of one million dollars, it was modified to become only 250,000 dollars.

The second condition for investors to obtain citizenship is That the foreign investor deposits a sum of $ 500,000 in a Turkish bank instead of depositing one million dollars as the previous law was a demand.

Or another possible way that might suits the other type of investors whom looking for settling down into Turkey, that they can launch their business and offering more than 50 new job for Turkish employees or Factory workers …. Etc. instead of offering 100 opportunities as the old law was demanded, after completing one of these conditions mentioned, the Turkish government will monitor and follow up the investment by fulfilling all its requirements, and once installed in the country, and Turkish citizenship will be granted

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment goes through several stages. First, it is confirmed that the property has a “title deed” from the Turkish Land Registry so that it cannot be submitted to citizenship and sales contracts are still under construction, then visit one of the documented companies in the Financial Markets Department Turkish and obtain an official real estate evaluation from one of them, then the value of the property is calculated according to the price of the Turkish lira in the Central Bank on the day of obtaining the tapu, and finally, the application for Turkish citizenship can be made through several properties owned by the investor and the price is equivalent to the amount required for Turkish citizenship#

If all the investment details are prepared, the documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship will be prepared in exchange for buying a property in an amount estimated at $ 250,000, namely:

* A copy of the title deed of the purchased property.

* The real estate evaluation report from the appointed governmental committee.

* Original payment receipts from the investment account to the seller’s account and stamped by the bank from which he is sent.

* The original receipts from the seller’s account are also sealed by the receiving bank.* Translate the passport of the owner of the property into the Turkish language, and the passport of the wife and children in case of wanting to include them in the file of nationality, and the translated copies are authenticated by the Turkish notary named (Noter).

Two copies of the original agency are prepared and Turkish citizenship is required from the legal team that submits the citizenship file and who becomes responsible for following it with the official departments, in case the investor wants to apply for citizenship with his wife and children under the age of 18, and several documents must be submitted to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is an application form for exceptional Turkish citizenship for investors, a marriage contract document with birth certificates for children under the age of 18, and a family statement document with two personal photos for each member of the family.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, the percentage of real estate sales to foreign investors during the first eight months of 2019 increased to 50% compared to the same period last year 2018, to reach about 27,748 properties, and there is no doubt that the main factor behind this rise In sales it is required to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment.
At the top of the list of real estate investment in Turkey is the tourist city of Istanbul, in which the number of properties sold has reached 15 thousand housing units, due to its distinguished geographical location and because it is the center of the Turkish economy, followed by that investment in Antalya, Ankara, Yalova, and Bursa, to bypass Yalova sales in recent years. 90% compared to other cities.
Speaking of the most prominent foreign nationalities that obtained Turkish citizenship after its real estate investment in Turkey, Iraq, which topped the list of investors with 327 investors, then 240 properties for foreigners from Afghanistan, then the Palestinian citizenship, which received 170 investment properties, 110 properties for Egyptians, and 66 Libyan investors And 44 real estate for the Lebanese investor, and Saudi Arabia was then invested in 29 real estate, not far from Azerbaijan with 28 real estate, while Pakistan obtained 26 real estate, then Sudan with 24 real estate and Russia with 22 real estate, then 21 real estate for Algeria and 19 real estate for those who hold American citizenship and want to invest And obtaining Turkish citizenship, Also, investors from Germany, Venezuela, France, Syria, Poland, Australia, UAE, India, and Canada have obtained Turkish citizenship through their real estate investment in them.

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