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The Types of title deeds in Turkey

The Types of title deeds in Turkey

The Types of title deeds in Turkey, And procedures for obtaining it:

The title deed (Tapu) is a document in which it provides detailed information about the ownership, specifications and the most prominent real estate survey numbers, through which the location of the property is determined, and documented by the Real Estate Registry Directorate in Turkey to prove the ownership of the property for the investor mentioned in the document, and is matched in the terminology of the Arab countries with what is known as the “title deed bond” “.

Turkey has identified three official centers in the country through which the investment property can be registered legally. The most important of these institutions was the title deed department, then followed by the scattered municipalities that include real estate among its neighborhoods

This is Document includes the specific details such as the address of the property itself and a picture of the owner and the registration number of the land that property is exist

This document contains detailed information such as the real estate address, a personal photo of the real estate owner, the land registration number on which the construction is located, the type of land as being eligible for construction or otherwise, the total land area on which the real estate project is located, the real estate area with the floor number and construction, then the value and price of the property To be a condition for payment in the local currency of the country, in addition to information on the method of ownership of the property in Turkey, such as when the purchase was made for the first time, it also states the nationality of the property owner and if the property is mortgaged to him or not, and he also records identifying information about the owner that contains “his name and number” the National Nationality “, and also documents the registration data before and after the purchase, and the conclusion is responsible for organizing and issuing the title deed signature.

The procedures for obtaining the title deed (Tapu) differ from one type to another according to the information related to each title deed and according to the Turkish laws accepted during the handing over of the real estate contract to the investor and it varies as follows:


Real estate investment contract in Turkey

This type of real estate is divided into two basic types, which are lands suitable for reconstruction and construction based on the recognized Turkish municipality plans, and lands unfit for construction according to what was named in the municipality register and there are lands registered that they are not reconstructable, but some construction projects have been developed in the region, when that is done Change of real estate information after reviewing the data with the municipality to change its condition and become suitable for construction or remain the same, and it must be noted that the land is not within a public road or a place for public construction in the country such as parks or public transportation, so that the land is not lost when constructed in the future.


Construction real estate contract in Turkey

In these documents, public data about the building in all its departments is mentioned at once. These bonds are for independent homes, warehouses, or palaces and villas, and also for restaurants, schools, and separate health warehouses in a private separate building.


(AL ERITFAQ) real estate contract in Turkey

In this section, a structural plan for the construction is issued and divided among the investors, after obtaining the approval of construction and before the completion of the construction of the project, so that each investor gets his real estate share of the construction in particular separately from others to obtain an independent easement document that shows the property’s location and multiple details It explains the origin of the property, is it agricultural or building land, because it is done before the completion of the construction of the project, and when the construction is completed, the investor gets a special approval, after which he will be given a title to the property.


Real estate partnership contract in Turkey

An official document that contains detailed information about the investment property explaining the ownership of the investor, the right to receive the property by stating his information, most notably the name of the owner and his image. These bonds give the owner the right to sell, rent or assign a property within the period that was signed.

Also, those who intend to purchase can contact the Real Estate Registry Department in Turkey before purchasing to ensure that that property is not subject to any bank wager and free from legal restrictions, and even that it is not subject to confiscation after paying the money


Full ownership contract in Turkey

The owner receives this document after completing the construction of the property, handing over his key and residency therein to prove ownership of the property before Turkish law. In this contract, the type of property, its number and its location in the building, as well as the real estate’s share of the building land, are mentioned.

 In these contracts and during the real estate investment process, the state requests from the investor a title deed (Tapu) fee that is imposed on the seller and the buyer at a rate of up to 2% of the total price of the investment. Those wishing to sell the property five years before purchasing it at an amount that varies from year to year and ranges between 15-35% of the value of the real estate’s profits, while companies have a fixed tax rate of 20% of the company’s net profit, but in case the five purchase contract exceeds Years the profit tax will fall of the seller.

During the documentation of investment property bonds in Turkey, it should be noted some notes:

When submitting official papers to the competent authorities, you must ensure that all documents are available

In the event that the owner is absent and an agent is sent, he must present his ID and the power of attorney.

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