The best districts for choosing a villa in istanbul

  • 30th June 2023
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The best districts for choosing a villa in istanbul

For those looking for residential elegance and ultimate luxury in residence, the city of Istanbul offers many housing options, especially through charming villas, and villa projects that have spread in different areas of Istanbul. In this article, we will look at the different options for villas in addition to the areas where luxury villa projects are available. in Istanbul.

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• Luxury options of villas in Istanbul
Distinctive areas that include the most beautiful villa projects in Istanbul
• Villa projects in Istanbul, a real estate investment for the future

Luxury options for villas in Istanbul:

Residential options vary in Istanbul, and at the forefront of these options are villas, which are the most prominent option for those looking for residential sophistication and complete privacy.
Villa projects in Istanbul are diverse and each has characteristics that distinguish it from other residential projects. These projects are the most luxurious and offer the residents privacy and spaciousness. The villas are designed with the highest standards of quality and elegance, in addition to the quality of the raw materials used.
With large spaces and a number of rooms starting from four rooms and a hall, you can choose the style of the villa that suits you, especially with spaces up to 900 square meters. These villas are considered a miniature palace, where you can spend a lot of fun time with the family.
Residential comfort and enjoyment in the views gained by the villas, which depend on their location. Villa projects are often available in areas near the beach or in areas with a healthy green nature.
According to the type of lifestyle you prefer, you can choose the project that suits your interest and provides you with comprehensive services, of course, with your villa's own facilities, including a private swimming pool and barbecue area, in addition to your villa's garden.
Villa projects offer a lifestyle full of sophistication and elegance, especially with additional project services that enhance the quality of life, such as private halls, playgrounds, and other social facilities.
You can learn about the villa projects available in Istanbul by visiting our website.

Distinctive areas that include the most beautiful villa projects in Istanbul:
There are many projects that include villas for living in Istanbul, but in the following lines we will present to you the best and most beautiful three areas where you can find your ideal choice for villas in Istanbul.
- Büyükçekmece Villas: Beginning with the magnificent coastline and the distinctive views of Büyükçekmece Lake and the Sea of Marmara, you can find in this region what suits your dreams. Within Büyükçekmece there are more than one luxury villa project such as the DG-425 project, which is characterized by a special style of one-storey villas in addition to He pointed out that it is one of the most beautiful projects that presented the idea of open spaces for villas, which gives the villa a complete open view of the sea and the lake at the same time.
In addition, Büyükçekmece is one of the distinctive areas in Istanbul, which enjoys many advantages, being within walking distance of vital areas and also includes malls and entertainment centers, with its proximity to the highway and the coastal road, there is easy access to and from your villa.
Büyükçekmece also has a distinctive nature, especially as it extends along the coastline of the Sea of Marmara and the presence of Büyükçekmece Lake. This water nature gives you shared views of your villa, and gives you a distinctive stay with coastal activities for fishing or diving lovers.

Bahcesehir Villas: One of Istanbul’s distinctive areas with its charming nature and the green cover that covers the Bahcesehir region. Here in Bahcesehir, there are charming villa projects with distinctive residential styles designed with unparalleled modernity and elegance. One of the most prominent and latest villa projects in Bahcesehir is the DG-424 project. Which specializes in unparalleled elegance with duplex options of high-end villas.

This project also includes distinguished social facilities that offer a luxurious life within the wonderful villas, in addition to its location in the Bahcesehir area, which is characterized by its wonderful life components as well. and malls in the area.
Also, the proximity to the TEM international road is considered one of the advantages of the Bahcesehir region, as it connects it to the various regions of Istanbul and makes it easy to reach from your villa to any area in Istanbul, easy and simple.
There are also many distinctive villa projects in Bahçeşehir, which you can learn about by contacting your real estate advisor at Deyaar Real Estate Group.
Silivri Villas: The Silivri area is an extension of the city of Istanbul on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, and is considered one of the charming areas with a calm and upscale nature, and it is one of the most prominent housing options for those looking for a villa for sale in Istanbul.
Silivri villas projects are distinguished by all their standards of spacious spaces and modern finishes, and they are also among the distinguished modern projects that enjoy charming views of the Marmara Sea. Silivri villas on the distinctive golden beach are considered one of the high-end opportunities for a calm life away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul.

The captivating Silivri area, with its distinctive nature and diverse living components, provides its residents with quiet, comfortable and integrated housing, especially with the presence of malls and social centers in it.
You can choose a villa from the Silivri projects to be your special place and address in Istanbul by contacting Deyaar Real Estate Group.

• Villa projects in Istanbul, real estate investment for the future:
Whatever your choice of living in Istanbul, a duplex villa or a one-story villa, and in whichever area you choose, buying a villa in Istanbul is a real estate investment for the future.
A high benefit can be achieved by renting a villa in Istanbul during the tourist seasons for tourists who wish to be in a villa and spend special holidays in Istanbul on the seashore or in the bosom of nature.
Owning and buying a villa in Istanbul is one of the unique opportunities, especially since the high demand for holiday homes in Istanbul is taking an upward curve and rising gradually, with the abundance of real estate projects that offer different types of villas in Istanbul.
The rental returns for villas in Istanbul are high to the extent that a high financial return can be achieved in dollars, given that the available investment method is tourism, which targets foreign tourists who want to spend a special vacation in Istanbul.
Istanbul is a unique environment for real estate investment, and it makes no difference what kind of property it is, so how about if the property is a villa, here we are talking about a place that can be used for personal housing and real estate investment at the same time, in addition to the fact that villas rise in price over time and thus achieve real gain and financial benefit even if desired The owner of the property sells his villa after a certain period of time.
You can inquire more about real estate investment solutions in Istanbul villas by contacting Deyaar Real Estate Group.

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